Monitor position with single vision lenses for near vision (reading glasses)

Monitor position with reading glasses
Reading glasses include lenses with an optical power corresponding to a viewing distance of about 40 cm, which is the average reading distance. This short viewing distance is not recommended for computer work.
Reading Glasses – screen position
Single vision lenses for near work, e.g. reading


Quick Start Guide

Computer working with reading glasses is not recommended.

If you use half frame reading glasses please follow the detailed instruction below.


If you have any questions about your glasses, you can return to information in the SECOND STEP Single vision lenses for near work, e.g. reading

Detailed instruction: Monitor position with Computer Single Vision lenses (half frame reading glasses)

Before you start, you should adopt an ergonomic sitting posture as shown in FIRST STEP.

If you use your reading glasses at the monitor, you must probably use a very short viewing distance and you need to lean forward to see clearly. This may induce pain in the neck and the back. Further, short viewing distances are stressful for the ocular muscles. A simple alternative may be half frame reading glasses that allow to see text documents through the lenses and the monitor beyond the lenses.

In this case, you can follow the instructions: “Monitor position if you do not wear glasses” . However, you should be aware that further distances with presbyopia are rather uncomfortable or even indistinct.

If you have reading glasses that were prescribed for you some years ago, these may be too weak in the meantime for reading at 40 cm, but may be suitable for viewing the monitor at longer viewing distances. In this way, your older reading glasses can uses as computer single vision lenses und

You can follow the instructions Monitor position with computer glasses. However, if your reading glasses are too weak you may not be able to read small type fonts close up or only read them with strain.

Check with an optician / optometrist whether these glasses are suitable as computer glasses and get a new pair of glasses for near vision tasks like reading .

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