Monitor position with single vision lenses for far vision

With distance vision lenses, you usually are able to see clearly everywhere at the workplace (if you are not presbyopic). However, eye strain or musculoskeletal complaints may arise in the course of the working day with adverse monitor positions. Therefore, the monitor should be placed at an individually favourable position that can be found with a 5-day trial. A detailed instruction is given under the link below.


Monitor position if you do wear single vision lenses for far vision


Quick Start Guide

Adjust the monitor to have a comfortable head position, not too high and not too low. You should always be able to look beyond the monitor into the room. Adjust the tilt of the monitor so that you are looking at right angle to the screen surface: the more you look down, the more the monitor should be tilted backward.

Try different rather extreme monitor positions (near, far, high, low). Based on your personal experiences you can choose your individual most favourable monitor position.

Detailed instruction: 5-Day trial with far vision lenses »

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