Monitor position with contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, the monitor position should also be adjusted to the optical properties of your individual contact lenses.

Also important for all contact lens wearers is an adequate supply of the eye with oxygen and moisture. During VDU work the blink is decreased, which is responsible for the humidification of the eye. Often, the lid does not close completely during blinking. It is therefore important to consciously blink and occasionally close the eyes for a moment.

HINT: Stick a small note to the monitor with the word ” blink “. Whenever you look at it, you should blink a few times strongly.

The theme of contact lenses at the VDU work is not covered here on the website as extensive as for the glasses. Contact your optician and / or eye care professional who knows your eyes and you can inform you about the use of your contact lenses in the workplace.

Monitor position with contact lenses


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