THIRD STEP: The correct monitor position

Here in the THIRD STEP, you find recommendations for a favourable monitor position for your individual situation, i.e. depending on the properties of your eyes and the glasses or contact lenses, if you should wear some.

Younger people (whether wearing glasses or not) are usually able to see clearly everywhere at the workplace. However, eye strain or musculoskeletal complaints may arise in the course of the working day with adverse monitor positions. Therefore, the monitor should be placed at an individually favourable position that can be found with a 5-days trial.

Elderly people have a reduced ability to see clearly at near (presbyopia) so that near vision lenses are required. Different types of lenses are available that have different zones of clear vision at the workplace. Accordingly, the monitor should be placed for clear vision and comfortable head position.

You can find recommendations of the monitor position for your particular type of glasses in the table below. Please click the button of the type of your lens.

Before you start to adjust themonitorposition, please be surethat yourchair, desk, keyboard and lightinghave been setoptimally (FIRST STEP). Ifyou are uncertain which lenses you wear,you can find descriptions of different types of lenses in SECOND STEP.

Monitor position
if you do not wear glasses

No glasses Monitor position if you do not wear glasses

Single vision lenses (Monofocals)

Single vision lenses for far vision
Single vision lenses for computer work
Single vision lenses for near vision, e.g. reading


Universal-Bifocal lenses Monitor position with bifocal lenses for far and near vision (General purpose bifocals)
Bifocal lenses for computer and near vision Monitor position with bifocal lenses for computer vision and near vision (Computer vision bifocals)


Trifocal lenses Monitor position with trifocal lenses for far, intermediate and near vision (trifocal lens)

Progressive addition lenses (PAL)

General purpose progressive lenses for continuous clear vision from far to near Monitor position with general-purpose progressive lenses for all viewing distances, continuously from far to near
Computer vision progressive lenses for clear vision at office work Monitor position with computer vision progressive lenses for distances within the office up to near vision

Contact lenses

Contact lenses Monitor position with contact lenses
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