Single vision lenses for near work, e.g. reading

Range of glasses from near to far Single vision lenses for near work, e.g. reading The optical power of these lenses are chosen to provide clear vision at close quarters. Thus, these lenses are necessary when clear vision at close distances is stressful or no longer possible without spectacles in presbyopia in the elderly, or mild hyperopia in younger people. The optical power is distributed across the complete lens, so that a wide visual field is provided.


With reading glasses you can see clearly across a wide visual field at close quarters so that you can overview documents by eye movements alone; head movements are hardly necessary.


For far vision you will have to remove the reading glasses, otherwise your vision will be blurred. Alternatively, you can use what are called half-eye near vision lenses (spectacles) which sit low on the nose. Some users will have to change to far vision glasses; presbyopic users might require special lenses for computer work. In some cases, three different glasses might be necessary for different visual tasks.

Typical applications

  • For presbyopics, who mainly work at a viewing distance of 30 to 50 cm and require no distance glasses, or the shift to a long-distance or screen glasses is possible without any problems.
  • These glasses should only be used for tasks with short viewing distances, but not for monitor use. To look at the monitor you may possibly use half-frame glasses, allowing you to look over the near vision lenses at the monitor.

Recommended monitor position with single vision lenses for near work»

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