Single vision lenses for monitor distance

Range of glasses from near to far Single vision lenses for monitor distance These lenses have the same optical power across the complete lens and this power is chosen to provide clear vision at the monitor, typically in the case of presbyopia or medium hyperopia. These lenses are useful when no spectacles are required for far vision and close visual tasks occur only rarely.


These lenses provide clear vision at the monitor. No matter in which direction you look through the glasses, you always see clearly. The useful visual field is wide so that it is possible to scan the complete screen with eye movements; no large head movements are required.


When looking at long distances, vision is blurred and you will need to remove the spectacles, or you might have to change to far vision lenses in the case of myopia. Presbyopic users may notice complaints with close visual tasks, such as text reading: this would require reading glasses. Thus, a myopic and presbyopic observer may require three types of single vision lenses for far, monitor and near vision. With these glasses driving is not possible.

Typical applications

  • If you are presbyopic and you look at the screen, and only rarely read documentation (get yourself reading glasses for this occasion) or only rarely look into the distance (switch to different distance glasses or take your glasses off).
  • For weak presbyopics who spends long time on VDU work and suffer from vision complaints.

Recommended monitor position for single vision lenses for monitor distance

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