Standard or premium progressive lenses?

The difference between a standard and a premium progressive lens can be seen in the pictures. The terms ” standard progressive ” and ” premium progressive lenses ” are not uniformly defined. One opticians standard glass  may be a premium glass at the other optician and vice versa. So you can compare a standard glass and a premium glass only at the same optician or you have to know the exact glass manufacturer and type.

What is the difference?

Range of glasses from near to far

Standard progressive lenses

Standard progressive lenses

Premium-progressive lenses

Premium progressive lenses

A progressive lens has optical aberrations towards the lower edge to the right and to the left. This is technically impossible to remove. These aberrations can vary greatly from person to person. Important is that a progressive lens is adapted exactly to the anatomy and the viewing behavior of its user, so that it can be optimally used.


In a premium glass various individual parameters are taken into account to manufacture it, so that the glass is optimized and the regions with optical imaging errors are reduced as much as possible and the area with clear vision is much larger than in standard progressive lenses.

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