General purpose progressive lenses

for continuous clear vision from far to near

Range of glasses from near to far General purpose progressive lenses for continuous clear vision from far to near The optical power to correct presbyopia increases gradually from the upper to the lower part of the lens. Myopia and hyperopia are also corrected. Clear vision at any viewing distance from far to near vision is possible within the central progressive zone. The width of this zone depends on the choice of standard or premium glasses.


There are no borders between optical powers (as in trifocals), thus any amount of required near vision optical power (for the monitor or for paper documents) can be used by appropriate adjustment of gaze direction relative to the lens. Clear vision can be achieved for any viewing distance and there is no need to change glasses.


Vision is blurred outside the central progressive zone, i.e. in the lower left and right parts of the lens. This is due to optical errors (aberrations) that cannot be avoided for physical reasons. Most users accept these errors and experience no problems, but some users experience persistent complaints, such as dizziness or distorted vision; other lenses should be chosen in such cases. This limited progressive zone requires head movements to overview the monitor.When the monitor is at an unfavourable high position, some users adopt uncomfortable head postures which may result in neck complaints (see THIRD STEP).

Typical applications:

  •  If you are presbyopic and need correction both for distance viewing as well as near vision, and are able to place the monitor flexible (deep and inclined)
  • If you do not want to change the glasses.
  • For activities in different and constantly changing distances.

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