Bifocal Glasses – Bifocals for distance and near vision (Universal bifocals)

Range of glasses from near to far Bifocal glasses for distance and near vision or universal bifocals Two optical powers in one lens:

  1. the upper part of the bifocal lens includes the correction of far vision (e.g. in case of myopia or strong hyperopia) and
  2. the lower “window” in the bifocal lens includes the additional near vision lens, e.g. for presbyopia.



Universal bifocal glasses provide clear far vision and clear near vision, without changing glasses. For far distances you will have consistently clear vision; no large head movements are necessary. When lowering the gaze direction, the near vision lens in the lower window will automatically be used. For near vision, the visual field is as large as the size of the inserted near vision lens.


With advanced presbyopia, vision at the monitor (through the upper part of the lens) can be blurred so that computer glasses might become necessary. The visual field is smaller than in single vision reading glasses, which can lead to greater horizontal head movement when reading and when working close by. The separation edge between the two different lenses is visible.

Typical applications:

  • If you are presbyopic and need for distance viewing a correction, but a general purpose progressive lenses can not be tolerated (which rarely will be the case when the general purpose progressive lenses are properly fit by an optician to your requirements)
  • If close up documents have rarely to be consulted.

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