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Bifocals for monitor vision and near vision

Bifocals for monitor vision and near vision

Range of glasses from near to far [1] Bifocal glasses for monitor vision and near vision or Computer vision bifocals Two optical powers in one lens to correct for presbyopia [2] or mild hyperopia [3]:

  1. the upper part includes the optical power required for the monitor and
  2. the lower “window” in the lens includes the additional near vision power.



Without changing the glasses, the presbyopic user has clear vision at the monitor and for near work on documents. The clear visual field on the monitor is large, so head movement will rarely be required to overview the monitor. When lowering the gaze direction, the near vision in the lower window will automatically be used.


Far vision will be blurred, so one may need to remove these glasses to reach clear far vision, or change to a far vision glasses if required. The near vision visual field is smaller than with single vision lenses, but sufficient in most cases.Recommended monitor position with computer-vision bifocals.Here you find explanations of specifications of spectacle lenses.

The separation edge between the two different lenses is visible.

These glasses are not recommended for driving.

Typical applications:

  • If you are presbyopic and you look often at the screen and only rarely read documentation (get yourself reading glasses for this occasion) or only rarely look into the distance (switch to different distance glasses or take your glasses off).
  • If a general purpose progressive lenses cannot be tolerated (which rarely will be the case when the general purpose progressive lenses are properly fit by an optician to your requirements).

Recommended monitor position for bifocals for monitor vision and near vision» [4]