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We acquired the scientific background on the issues Ergonomics and Visual functions which are subject of scientific publications of the

IfADo as well as as scientific publications of authors not related to the IfADo

further scientific publications from the IfADo

other publication from scientists not related to the IfADo

Recent publications

Jaschinski W, König M, Mekontso TM, Ohlendorf A, Welscher M: Computer vision syndrome in presbyopia and beginning presbyopia: effects of spectacle lens type. Clin Exp Optom 98: 228-233 (2015) online abstract

Jaschinski W, König M, Mekontso TM, Ohlendorf A, Welscher M: Comparison of progressive addition lenses for general purpose and for computer vision: an office field study. Clin Exp Optom 98: 234-243 (2015) online abstract

König M, Haensel C, Jaschinski W: How to place the computer monitor: measurements of vertical zones of clear vision with presbyopic corrections. Clin Exp Optom 98: 244-253 (2015) online abstract

Weidling P, Jaschinski W: The vertical monitor position for presbyopic computer users with progressive lenses: how to reach clear vision and comfortable head posture. Ergonomics 2015 May 26:1-17. Epub

Masseida J, Philipp J-J, Wicher C, Jaschinski W: Verschiedene Kenngrößen für die physiologisch günstige Kopfneigung. Z Arbeitswiss 67: 207-219 (2013)

Masseida J, Perske F, Jaschinski W: Messmethoden und Eigenschaften der physiologisch günstigen Blickneigung. Z Arbeitswiss 67: 221-231 (2013)

Meinert M, König M, Jaschinski W: Web-based office ergonomics intervention on work-related complaints: a field study. Ergonomics 56: 1658-1668 (2013)


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