Hints – VDU screens – Display mounts

These suggestions may be considered when purchasing a new monitor for your VDU workplace :

  • Anti-glare screens

  • No installation opposite windows, because no glare-free working is possible.

  • The VDU screen should be positioned vertically in front of you to avoid stress on the neck.


These suggestions may be considered when purchasing a display mount for your VDU workplace :

  • Display mounts ensure that you can find the right position.

  • If you use our consultation tool http://ergonomic-vision.ifado.de/, then maybe you are looking for a technical possibility, to set up a monitor at a lower space, so that you can see with general purpose – varifocals without musculoskeletal complaints.
    Here are some examples:

  1. http://www.stemmlerdisplaygroup.de/ErgoMonitor/Produkte_und_Preise/
  2. The most flexible solutions are display mounts. They are freely adjustable and every possible monitor position can be achieved.

    For example from Novus:

  3. Or display mounts from Ergotron:
  4. Display mounts from bma:

    The variants 2-4 are permanent, they can be used even if you decide to invest another new monitor.

  5. When purchasing a new monitor, you can select those that provide a variable adjustment. For example:

These are the solutions we know on the market. If you find other solutions, we would be grateful for a message .

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