Hints – Office lighting

Here you find some quantitative recommendations for a favourable light level. These suggestions, however, require a measurement device (a luxmeter) that may be available to the ergonomics advisor in your company.

The office illumination for computer work should be about 500 lux (compared to 10,000 lux in an operating theatre; about 3,500 lux outdoors on an overcast, winter day; and 1000 lux in a TV studio). These values mean that the monitor should not be placed near the window, but rather further in the room.

For reading and writing tasks (manual work), more light is favourable, i.e. about 500-1500 lux. Consequently, a place near the window makes sense, or the use of a desk lamp. The older people are, the more light they need to work on documents.

The monitor should never be placed directly under the ceiling light, otherwise you may see reflections of the ceiling lighting on the screen. Often a small shift of the monitor to the left or to the right can avoid reflections. A critical test for possible reflections is to turn off the screen; on the dark background reflections will be clearly visible.

Desk lamps should always be mounted on that side of the desk where you do manual work (reading and writing).


Positioning of window - lighting and computer station

Positioning of window – lighting and workstation



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Hints – Office lighting

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