Hints – Office desk

When purchasing an office desk, you may consider these suggestions:

  • When purchasing an office desk, these suggestions could be considered:
  • The best solution is a height-adjustable office desk in a range from 65 to 125 cm; this allows for changing the working posture from sitting to standing. (The adjustment can be made without tools.)
  • It should also be possible to choose a re-adjustable desk; here the height is adjustable in steps of a few centimetres. This may require changing the desk height with tools. DIN EN 527-1 specifies a range of 65-85 cm; a larger range is set in Dutch norms.
  • The desk surface should be at least 120 cm wide and 80 cm deep to provide sufficient space for working materials.
  • The surface should be matt and light so as not to reflect bright light.
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hints – office desk

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