Hints – Office chair

The following points should be considered when choosing an office chair:

The chair should be on a stable stand, if possible with five legs.

The chair should have casters for the current floor (carpet, wood, etc.) for best mobility and floor protection.

Very small and very large persons should pay attention correctly to adjust the sitting height. (The chair should include this possibility.)

The depth of the seat should be adjustable for the length of the thigh.

The backrest should be ergonomically designed and sufficiently high so that the back is supported from the pelvis to the shoulder blades. The lumbal support of the backrest should be adjusted to the hollow part of the back.

The backrest should not be in a fixed position, but freely movable backwards and forwards. With a fixed and locked backrest, dynamic sitting is not possible. The possibility of adjusting the counter-pressure of the backrest should be continuous, not in fixed steps. This adjustment takes time; it has to be tried out. If the counter pressure is to small, one falls back when leaning on the back-rest; if it is too heavy-going one has to use muscular strength in the belly and legs in order to push back the backrest. The counter pressure is correct when the backrest follows the back like a shadow, “sticking” to the back.

If armrests are used, they should be adjustable in depth and height. Armrests too high may result in shoulder pain; armrests too deeply adjusted loose their supporting effect.

Short armrests are favourable for an individual adjustment of the chair.

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