The desk — How do I find the correct desk height?

Once you have adjusted the chair for a correct sitting posture (The chair – how do I sit correctly?), you can now find the individual desk height. For this, follow the measuring in the following description, best with the help of a colleague. Sit on your office chair freely in the room (not at a desk).

Finding the correct desk height when using an office chair without armrests:

the correct desk height when using an office chair without armrests

Office chair without armrests

Keep your arms at a right angle, parallel to the thighs. Be sure to sit in a relaxed position; do not tighten or raise the shoulders. Your colleague should now measures the distance from the floor to the bottom of your elbow. This is your individual desk-height to be adjusted at your desk.

 Finding the correct desk height when using an office chair with armrests:

the correct desk height when using an office chair with armrests

Office chair with armrests

Adjust the armrests of your chair so that the arms are supported at a right angle. Do not raise your shoulders and neck, which causes muscle tension. Measure the distance from the top of the armrest to the floor. This measurement is your individual desk-height which should be adjusted.

In this way, the desk is adapted to your individual body dimensions and sitting posture.

Desks with height adjustment can be adjusted usually with a range up to 20 cm (65-85 cm height). The height can be mechanically changed in fixed positions by means of bolts and screws, or by changing the length of desk legs. Take time and effort to adjust this setting. Perhaps you can be assisted from an ergonomic advisor in your company. The correct desk settings are important since this optimises the further adjustments of the monitor position in order to optimise your working space without problems.

In case your desk is not sufficiently adjustable, adjust your chair in such a way that you can easily place your lower arms at a right angle to your upper arm on to the table. If you have to raise the chair very much, use if necessary a footstool, so that your legs are supported more or less at a right angle. If you have to adjust the chair too deeply, then put something under the legs of the desk in order to raise it to your chair-height. Make sure the desk is firmly and securely placed.

Under the desk, the space for your legs should be sufficient large; pedestals and computers should not restrict the space for your legs.

Hints on choosing the appropriate office desk can be found HERE.

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