What is the consultation tool?

The consultation tool is made up of three main steps. It is best to follow the complete procedure one step after the other. For specific questions, you can go directly to each of the three steps. Before you start to modify your workplace, it is best to acquire an overview of all three steps.

First step: chair, desk, keyboard and light

The ergonomically favourable adjustments in the workplace depend on your size and bodily proportions. These individual situation should be taken into account for optimal conditions at work.

You can go though the stages of the FIRST STEP to see whether your workplace is correctly adjusted and how you can make changes as required.

Second step: Which glasses should be used at the computer workstation

A further requirement to avoid eye-strain working at the computer is optimal vision, either with or without spectacles. If you no longer see clearly without straining, visit an optician/ optometrist for an eye-test and check your glasses/ contact lenses. Regular medical inspections at an ophthalmologist will determine whether you suffer from any ocular deficiency. The physiological properties of the eye are very different from person to person. The SECOND STEP helps you to find your individually favourable lens type, which depends on your individual preferences and the occupational tasks. The equipment and the lenses should suit your requirements; you should not adapt to an unfavourable workplace or spectacle lenses. Our website gives an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of different lens types when they are applied at the computer workplace, especially in presbyopia.

Third Step: The correct monitor position

Today with flat screens and mechanically flexible monitor supporting arms, it is possible to optimise the monitor position relative to the eyes and according to the visual characteristics of your eyes and your spectacles (if used).

If you wear glass or contact lenses it is important the monitor position is adjusted to the lenses you wear. This is crucial, especially for presbyopic employees, in order to provide clear vision without eye-strain or muscular-skeletal strain.

On our internet page monitor positions are recommended that correspond to your lenses. You should test various monitor positions over several days to achieve the position that best suits you.

First step: Right at the beginning, you should place the chair, table, keyboard and the light at the optimal position, before you adjust the correct monitor position (Third step).


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