Better seeing and working at the computer

How can I set up my workspace for better seeing and working at the computer?

The consultation tool

This internet consultation tool will help you arrange your workplace according to your individual needs.

In particular, this tool will take into account what glasses or contact lenses (if you wear them) will work best at the computer.





The consultation tool consists of three main steps:

Before you start, you can find here an overview of the consultation tool.

Why is the monitor floating, without a mechanical support?

The illustrations on this website show floating monitors with the favourable position relative to the eyes. This illustrates that it is not the support which determines the monitor position, but your individual sight and the glasses you wear (if any). Freely adjustable supports, e.g. monitor supporting arms (LCD arms) could be a solution. Here you can find further information about the technical means to adjust the monitor position.

A russian Translation of this website you will find here (pdf):

Лучше видеть и работать за компьютером

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