5-day trial if you do not wear glasses

If you have good vision without glasses, you can find your individually favourable monitor position by a 5-day trial:

  • The reasoning of this trial is that you try four different rather extreme monitor positions on Day 1 – 4. Based on your experiences of advantagesanddisadvantages, you can finally choose your individual optimum on Day 5.
  • It is recommended to use each of the four monitor positions for a full working day to get experience, even if it should be unusual at first. But, if some monitor position is clearlyuncomfortable, then – of course – youdo not have to endure for a whole day.
  • Unfortunately, manyscreenscannot beset upin such a wayas is proposedhere. You’ll probably need to improviseduring the fourtestingdays and to movethe furniture.With atablebehind the desk you can reach the longer viewing distances.Make sure, however, to always use a mechanically safe condition. Freely adjustable monitors or monitor supporting armsare very useful here.

Detailed instruction for an individually adjusted monitor position:

Day 1: Monitor low and near

OB-unten-nah-arr-250 Place your monitor as low as possible. The distance from the eye to the monitor should be about 50 cm. The more you look down, the more the monitor should tilt backwards so that the viewing direction is perpendicular to the screen surface. Here, a monitor supporting arm can be very helpful, or a notebook may be used provisionally.

Day 2: Monitor high and near

Caution: You should always be able to look straight above the monitor beyond into the room!

OB-oben-nah-250 Place your monitor relatively high. You should not look upwards and and still be able to see beyond the monitor. Keep the screen distance of the first day, about 50 cm.

Day 3: Monitor high and distant

Caution: You should always be able to look straight above the monitor beyond into the room!

OB-hinten-oben-arr-250 Place the monitor as high on Day 2, but relatively far away at about 90 cm. It may help to put a small table behind the desk. You should not look upward and still be able to see beyond the monitor.

Day 4: Monitor low and distant

OB-unten-weit-arr-250 Place the monitor as low as possible, as you did on the first day. The viewing distance should be long, about 90 cm.

Day 5: Free adjustment of the individual optimal monitor position

OB-Mitte-Pfeile-250 In the last four working days, you had experienced the advantages and disadvantages of different monitor positions. Based on these experiences, now on this Day 5, you are able to place the monitor at the individually most favourable position. Shift the monitor as it is most comfortable for the eyes, neck and back.


  • Set the inclination of the monitor so that you look as vertically as possible at the screen. Only after you have spend some time working with the set screen position you will notice if the position is comfortable and effortless. Do not be afraid to change the monitor position several times.

  • If you find the comfortable distance at about 100 cm, the font may indeed be clear but too small. A font size of approximately 5 mm should be adjusted.

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